Growing Knowledge of Farm Safety

Through Active Engagement of Youth on Family Farms

In Loving Memory of Kaden

Our initiative attempts to capture the redeeming qualities of the farm boy we lost, by spreading the ever-important message of farm safety

Kaden was the epitome of Faith, Farming, and 4-H. His life was tragically cut short in a farming accident at the age of just 13. The Kaden Kares Farm Safety Initiative was organized by his family to honor his memory by bringing farm safety topics to the forefront of American agriculture. The sole mission of the Kaden Kares Foundation is to prevent farming accidents by engaging youth in farm safety through active participation with family members, neighbors, friends, and mentors. Kaden loved serving others, team activities, and competition.

Farming accidents involving children are happening far too often. As an agricultural community, we can do better. According to the National Ag Safety Database (NASD), the most successful educational efforts to improve farm safety involved farmers and their family members. This effort harnesses farm experience, yet also uses young people’s unique ability to learn with video technology. Finally, the power of social media will be utilized to build the audience and spread the message of farm safety.

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Did You Know?

A child dies in an agriculture-related incident About

Every 3 Days

And At Least

33 Children

Are seriously injured EVERY single day
With Education and the Promotion of Safety Precautions

We Can Save Lives

The Importance of Safety

Learn about how the Kaden Kares Foundation was started and how to actively get involved.

Watch the video, as Patrick Wall, Kaden’s uncle, shares how the organization got started, why it’s message is so incredibly important, and how you can get involved by either donating to the cause or by engaging youth groups to compete in the initiative.



Donations will be accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by simply clicking on the “DONATE” button. A number of electronic options as well as postal mail will be utilized to secure funds for the Kaden Kares Farm Safety Initiative. The online video challenge will occur in the fall, though videos may be submitted all year long. Entries for each year’s competition will be cut off on December 31st. Winners will be announced in January. Groups may enter more than once. The number of winners will be determined by the donation amount; the more we gather…the more we give! Simply click on the ENTER VIDEO CONTEST button to learn more.
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