Contest Entries

The original goal of the Kaden Kares Foundation is to give out $2500.00 annually in prize money. As the Foundation grows, so will the categories and the dollar amounts given awarded. Have fun!
Rules & Regulations:
  • Adult Supervision is required at all times. The adult supervisor may also actively participate in the video.
  • Videos may not exceed 5 minutes in length. Remember, the shorter the duration of a video clip, the more likely it is to be viewed in its entirety.
  • At least 2 people must actively participate in the video production. You may NOT record yourself, but hands-free devices like GoPro’s are allowed.
  • If ANY footage takes place on a public highway, local law enforcement MUST BE CONTACTED prior to recording. Clearance by local law enforcement must be granted; this verbal agreement must be a part of the recorded footage!
  • Videos may be entered at any time, but must be submitted by 12:00 midnight on December 31st to be considered for the awards the following January. Any videos received after that date will automatically be considered the following year.
  • Videos may only be submitted once, but groups may enter as many unique videos as they want.
  • A panel of judges will consider the following criteria: effectiveness of demonstrating the farm safety topic, relevance of topic and supporting material, video production ability, teamwork, overall message, effective use of time, etc.
  • Submitting a video allows the Kaden Kares Foundation to post the production on any and all social media/online platforms. A “PEOPLE’S CHOICE” Award will be given out for the entry that received the highest number of unique online views.

Kaden Kares Farm Safety Initiative Video Entry Form

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